Divergent Academy

We do business differently. We see opportunities in challenges, and we find solutions.

We learned quickly throughout our years of experience
in the Salesforce ecosystem that there is a talent shortage.

Salesforce is the leading CRM and there are not enough trained or experienced people to implement and maintain the systems needed for companies to do business daily. Our solution to bridge this talent shortage is to train the workforce needed through our Divergent Academy. This paid internship takes engaged learners and gives them the experience they need to learn how to implement, maintain and customize Salesforce Platforms. Interns are paired with a mentor to help pass Salesforce Certifications, get hands-on experience, and grow into a qualified Salesforce Consultant. We believe the answer to the talent shortage is investing in people.

When you join the Divergent Academy, we provide you with learning materials to work from home to learn the basics of what is needed to be a Salesforce consultant.

You work in tandem with a Divergent Business Consultant who has experience navigating the path you have chosen. Our mentors help you learn the Salesforce ecosystem and gain the skills necessary to be a top consultant. When you graduate from the Divergent Academy you will have multiple Salesforce certifications and be on a career path for success with Divergent Business Consulting.