Health and Life Sciences

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Opening New Ways
to Grow and Serve

The Healthcare Industry faces unique and ever-changing challenges. Technology opens new ways to serve patients by providing ways to connect with them for the care they need. We have years of experience working in the healthcare industry, and we understand the needs providers and those they serve.

Consumers expect effortless interactions with their providers, and providers and life sciences organizations must adapt to these expectations. We assist our clients to provide uncomplicated service through the Salesforce platforms. Efficient processes and accurate data help our clients make informed care plans with their patients. With steadfast focus on the needs of our clients, we consult to maximize their Salesforce investment.

Divergent implements the tools to better serve their customers.


Providers walk a delicate balance between what patients need and making a return on investment for their practice. We give our clients the organized data and streamlined processes they need so they can stay focused on patient care. Your technology investment will bring collaborative and connective care.

Health Plans

Person-centered care is the driving force for payers in the Healthcare and Life Science Industry. Legacy silos of data bog down the efficiency of your company. Salesforce connects payers to the individuals they serve through a personalized 360° view to provide streamlined solutions for the customers. We allow payers to build relationships of trust with their customers.

Devices and Diagnostics

Using the power of Salesforce, Devices and Diagnostics providers can connect the consumer and the doctor on one single platform. Divergent utilizes Salesforce to create data driven conversations about devices for doctor offices.


When you use a platform tailored to Pharma, your business will provide better support with centralized data. Salesforce created Health Cloud to serve the Healthcare and Life Science Industry after numerous conversations with industry experts. Divergent will harness the power of Health Cloud to allow you to engage with your customers using the 360 Degree view.

Our success stories

We had an excellent experience with this partner. We had many complex problems for our instance requiring in-depth discussion and often code-heavy solutions. Even so, and although we did not end up solving every problem, we were able to go live - a massive success. Multiple previous attempts to roll out Salesforce without this partner failed - our company would not be using Salesforce today without Divergent.


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