Salesforce Consulting

We do business differently. We see opportunities in challenges, and we find solutions.

With 20+ years
of experience

Harnessing the power of the number 1 CRM takes knowledge and experience. Divergent has over 20 years of experience working within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Our project work is as vast as the companies that choose Salesforce as their chosen Customer Relations Management platform. Salesforce’s beauty is captured by the customization allowed to tailor to the individual client's situation and needs. Divergent works diligently alongside our clients to find the right solution for their unique needs.

The Divergent team optimizes your technological investment so you gain engaged interactions with your customers and daily work for your users.

Divergent implements the tools to better serve their customers.


Today’s business world survives on data. Salesforce is the #1 CRM worldwide, and allows your company to capture the data needed to run the business efficiently. Divergent Business Consulting has set packages catered to businesses that are just starting out in Salesforce, companies that are looking to implement a specialized Cloud.

Consulting Services

Compiling and interpreting data is essential for any profitable business today. Divergent provides personalized recommendations to optimize your technology solutions and business processes to supercharge your future growth.

Our success stories

The guidance around best practices and how to undo/clean up the data problems we have has been greatly appreciated. Our org is rather complicated, and we've been able to streamline/standardize a lot of the disparate structure, settings and permissions.

TrueBlue, Inc.

We truly partner with our innovators to drive real change