Who We Are

We do business differently. We see opportunities in challenges, and we find solutions.

We do things

Divergent does business differently. This is not just a catchy tagline for us. We diligently seek out diverse ideas and ways of thinking.

The business culture we build creates leaders worthy of following. Doing Business Differently creates better results for our clients and our people.

  • Serve "People and Planet first, not Profit"
  • Authentic in every interaction-including ourselves
  • We finish the race without taking shortcuts to success
  • Improve daily and be accountable
  • Choose peace and persuasion over war and coercion
  • We have fun and do not take ourselves seriously
  • Ideas win, not titles

Our approach

Our clients see results because we consistently work processes until we find the right solutions. Our grit and culture cultivates strong leaders that empower themselves and others to utilize technology for successful businesses. This leads to the required results necessary to successfully grow your business through consulting and implementation. When our people are empowered, cared for, and grow, they make lasting contributions and impact to our clients. We focus on relationships that last.

  • Redefine how the world does business through ideas of inclusion, optimism, and equality.

  • To do business differently by promoting equality and inclusion in every decision.

  • To inspire acts of equality and humanity through a commitment to doing business differently.

    Our commitments

    Our clients partner with us because we provide the diverse expertise needed on every client’s unique challenge.

    A technology project has more parts than one worker implementing requirements. We provide a customer experience with dedicated teams to assist clients through the entirety of their project. Our teams work in tandem with our clients to gain requirements, implement solutions, and maximize the Salesforce experience for our clients.

    We have taken the 1% pledge to commit to our values. We commit 1% of our time, efforts, and money to our community. We do this by teaching and mentoring people new to the Salesforce ecosystem. Divergent encourages our staff to volunteer in their local communities to make the differences that count. We know women have been underrepresented in the business world for generations. We cannot move toward gender equality without them in every business. With that in mind, Divergent finds ways to encourage and mentor women in technology.

    executive team

    Equipped with unique experiences for your business needs, we work to overcome the financial and Salesforce maintenance hurdles every company encounters in these uncertain times. With over 20 years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem, Divergent Business Consulting understands the evolution of technology to handle complex business processes and management. The Divergent Business Consulting Executive team lives by our mantra: Doing Business Differently. We strive daily to implement and live by our company values to create a business culture that does business differently. We want to make a difference for communities and the people we serve. We know when we empower our people to be leaders, they will rise to the challenge and serve our clients and their communities as well.

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    Chief Executive Officer

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    We truly partner with our innovators to drive real change